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Natural Himalayan Rudraksha

Rudrakshas are sacred seeds from the Himalayas. Each Mukhi (face) Rudraksha has its own unique Energy, Vibration & Significance and provides multiple benefits to the wearer.

Divine Energy

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Free Gemstone Recommendation online based on your Kundli or Horoscope in Vedic Astrology

Where can I buy natural gemstone & Is it safe to buy Online?

Always buy gemstone from trusted website & with certificate of authenticity from reputed laboratory like IIGJ, IGI, GJI & GIA. It is recommended to buy from specialised gemstone dealer rather than a jeweller. Consult our qualified gemstone experts in person, on call or via live chat to buy a gemstone. Buy with full confidence, quality assurance & lifetime guarantee at

Which gemstone to wear based on my date of birth (Kundali)?

To know gemstones based on your birth details, pls consult an expert astrologer or get free gemstone recommendation online here. If you’re not sure about your date or time of birth, you can simply wear gemstone by month of birth or Zodiac sign. The main nine gemstones & their associated planets in vedic astrology are Yellow Sapphire (Jupiter), Blue Sapphire (Saturn), Emerald (Mercury), Ruby(sun), Opal & Diamond (Venus), Red Coral (Mars), Pearl (Moon), Hessonite (Rahu) & Cat's Eye (Ketu).

How to check if gemstone is natural & untreated?

It takes gemological knowledge & expertise to identify a gemstone. So, be informed to buy a gemstone from a reputed place & with certificate of authenticity which clearly mentions if the gemstone is natural or synthetic and if any treatment has been done to enhance the gemstone. You can Read our Gemstone Buying guide here.

How to find healing stone for myself?

Healing stones are worn by intention or purpose to wear. Astrological recommendation is not required to wear healing stones. All natural crystal have their own energy, vibration & thus benefits. You can wear single or multiple crystals as per the need of your mind & body. Experience the energy & benefits of our activated & energised natural crystals. Find your healing stone here.

How to know the value of a gemstone?

The value of gemstone is decided by its rarity & quality. The quality mainly includes its colour, clarity/transparency, lustre, cut, shape & size. You can select the gemstone quality based on your choice & budget. Premium quality stones are rarely found in nature & thus highly valuable. Shubh Gems business model is direct from mines to customer. So, there are no middle men & thus the customer gets the gemstone at best price.

What are the benefits of wearing gemstones?

Gemstones have been associated with solar planets in Vedic astrology since ancient times. Natural Gemstones & crystals have enormous energy to influence our lives. But, make sure that the gemstone is 100% Natural & untreated to get full benefits. Synthetic, treated & low quality gemstones do not have enough power to provide astrological & healing benefits.

How to decide on carat weight of gemstone for astrological purpose?

You can decide on how much carat weight of gemstone to wear by your body weight (1 Carat for 1/12th of body weight) or its quality. You can take any approach out of these two. If you decide to go for premium quality, even gemstone of lesser carat weight will give you equally good results as higher carat weight of medium quality. Low quality & treated gemstones are not recommended for astrological purpose.

Is Shubh Gems genuine?

Shubh Gems is backed by team of gemstone experts, 25 years of trust, 1 Lac+ happy customers & wide collection of 100% natural gemstones direct from mines. Shubh Gems is India’s #1 most trusted website to buy certified gemstones online. You get lifetime guarantee of gemstone purity and also entitled for full refund in case of any issue with authenticity. So, you can buy with full confidence & assurance at

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