Red Coral (Moonga)

Red Coral ( मूंगा, प्रवाल )

Red Coral is an opaque Organic Gemstone formed under the Sea by marine creatures. Red Coral gemstones are sourced mainly from Italy, Japan & Taiwan. Red Coral (Moonga in Hindi) represents Mars (Mangal) planet in Indian Vedic astrology. Red Coral is believed to bestow the wearer with Good Health, Prosperity & Success. Red Coral Quality is judged by its Colour Tone/Saturation, Shape & Surface Finish. Natural Red Coral Price (INR) ranges from few Hundred to Thousand per Carat based on Quality. Red Coral Beads & Carved forms (Lord Ganesha & other religious idols) are also popular.

Who should wear Red Coral (Moonga) stone?

Coral (also known as Moonga in Hindi) is one of the very few organic gemstones like Pearl and Amber. Coral is biologically formed under the sea by marine creatures and procured from deep ocean. Coral is the astrological gemstone of Mars i.e. ‘Mangal’ planet as per Indian Vedic astrology. It helps the person to handle & emerge out of difficult phase of Mangal Dasha.

  • Vedic Astrology recommends Red Coral for Aries (Mesh) and Scorpio (Vrischik)zodiacs.
  • It can also be worn by the ascendants of Sagittarius, Pisces, Cancer & Leo.

How to wear Red Coral?

Carat Weight

Minimum 1/10 of Body weight, like 1 Carat (1.1 Ratti) per 10 Kgs.


Bright Red Coral is best for astrological purpose. In-between shades of Orange-Red are good too.


Gold, Panchdhatu & Copper are preferred metals for Red Coral.


Ring finger of the working hand.

Day & Time

Tuesday, morning between 5 AM – 9 AM


'Om Ang Angarkay Namha', ॐ अं अंगारकाय नमः

Red Coral Benefits

Red Coral is asscoaied with Mars which is a masculine planet and radiates an intense & fiery energy. Red Coral is beneficial for people in the business of mining, chemicals, weapons, gold, steel, construction, agriculture and land Property. The professionals in police, defense services, surgery and dental treatments should also wear Moonga stone for good opportunities.

  • Professional Success -

    Red Coral is a powerful stone that provides the power to face difficult situations and challenges in life with self-respect and a strong will. It acts as a catalyst in finishing uncompleted tasks, thus brining success in life.
  • Prosperity -

    Red Coral Stone is also a symbol of good luck and fortune. It eliminates fear and anxiety leading to more prosperity in life.
  • Good Health -

    Health benefits of Red Coral surpass almost every other gemstone because of its ability to restore digestive, circulatory and psychological health.
  • Personal Growth -

    Red Coral surges ambition, courage, and confidence in its wearer. It also helps to inculcate determination, initiative and focus. It increases bonding and longevity of relationships, drives out negativity, and embraces peace and positivity.

Red Coral Quality & Price

The best quality Red Coral gemstone come from a reputed origin, exhibits bright red color and have a smooth, spotless, lustrous surface.

  • Origin -

    Italian & Japanese corals are the best in quality. Italian Red Coral are mostly used for astrological purpose due to comparatively lesser pricing than the Japanese Corals which are very rare.
  • Color -

    Bright Red Coral stones are preferred over dull, faded or pale ones. Pure Red Coral is most desirable and valuable. Additionally, in-between shades of orange-red are preferred by some people.
  • Clarity -

    Red Coral is an opaque gemstone. So, its clarity is judged by surface markings, texture and luster. Inclusions in Red Coral may occur as blemishes, spots, cavities or surface graining. Red Coral with flawless surface, Good Luster & finish are priced high.
  • Shape-

    Red Coral is mostly cut as cabochon in Oval, Round, Capsule & Triangular shapes. It is not faceted, but sometimes caved into different shapes and beads.

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Red Coral (Moonga) collection

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