Turquoise (Firoza)

Turquoise ( फ़िरोज़ा )

Turquoise (Firoza in Hindi) is a Natural opaque Sky Blue to Greenish Blue to Deep Blue colored stone. Turquoise is one of the most ancient Gemstones known to human civilization. The main sources of Turquoise are Iran (Persia) & Tibet. Persian Turquoise Stones from Nishapur mines of Iran are superior in terms of quality. Turquoise is December month Birthstone as per western astrology. Turquoise is regarded as the sacred stone in the Buddhist community. Turquoise is believed to bestow Wisdom, Good Luck, Fortune & Hope to the wearer.

Who should wear Turquoise?

Turquoise has been prized as a gemstone and ornamental stone for years due to its multi-layered history and unique hue.

  • It is the traditional birthstone of people born in the month of December.
  • It is regarded as a sacred stone in the Buddhist community.
  • It provides the wearer with a lot of astrological benefits as well.
  • Ascendants of all zodiacs can wear this stone as it has no negative effects.

How to wear Turquoise stone?

  • Healing crystal should be 100% Natural. Crystals of bright color & better clarity are more efficient & effective than dull & poor quality crystals.
  • Crystals which are heated, treated, artificially colored, highly included, cracked or damaged are not considered good for healing purposes.
  • You can wear it in a Ring, Pendant or Bracelet made of silver or any metal of your choice.
  • Shaped & Polished stones are good to wear.
  • One should wear a minimum 1/10 of body weight i.e 1 carat per 10 kgs of body weight.
  • If you prefer not to wear it, you can also keep it in your home, office or any space where you spend most of your time. Raw, Tumbled, Energy wands/Points, Spherical or any natural shaped crystals are preferred to be placed. The size or weight of a crystal depends on the size of space, where the crystal is to be placed so that the entire place is covered with healing energy.
  • Properly activated & energized crystals provide better results.

Shubh Gems provides fully energized 100% natural and untreated crystals for best results to you.

Turquoise Benefits

Since ancient times, Turquoise gemstone has been considered a stone that brings positivity, happiness, luck, wealth and good health to its wearer. It also acts as a protective shield for the wearer.

Turquoise benefits the wearer by improving their decision-making skills, increasing their focus and enhancing their thinking ability. It is especially beneficial for people who work in fields like films, fashion, television, jewelry, accountancy, law, education and clothing.

Turquoise is an excellent healing stone. It has a calming energy that makes it a great stone for when you are feeling overwhelmed. It is a great remedy for mood swings, anxiety, and panic attacks. It also has a strong connection to the throat chakra, and helps to enhance communication and expression.

Turquoise ensures overall physical fitness. It enhances immunity and eliminates pollution inflicted diseases. It also leads to tissue revival and body strengthening for a healthier body and soul.

Turquoise Quality & Price

The robin’s egg blue (sky blue color) Persian Turquoise mined near the modern city of Neyshabur in Iran has been used as a guiding reference for evaluating Turquoise quality. The price of any stone depends on its origin, color, clarity and cut.

  • Origin -

    Turquoise is found in only a few places on earth. The major sources of Turquoise are Iran (Persia), Tibet, Mexico and Arizona. Persian Turquoise from Nishapur district of Iran is most sought after due to its bright blue hue, high clarity and matt to waxy luster. Stones from Tibet & China usually have spider web patterns on the surface and are primarily used in fashion jewelry.
  • Color -

    The color of Turquoise ranges from a powder blue to a sky blue to a bluish-green to a yellowish green. The most-prized Turquoise color is an even, intense, medium blue, sometimes referred to as robin’s egg blue or sky blue in the trade. The vivid blue coloured Turquoise from Arizona mines is also desirable in trade. Turquoise with a green to greenish blue color is less desirable but it depends on personal preference. There are some contemporary designers who actively seek avocado and lime green Turquoise.
  • Clarity -

    Turquoise is an opaque stone. Its clarity is judged by its surface texture and finish. The luster of turquoise is typically waxy to sub vitreous. In Turquoise, low porosity and fine texture are more valuable than high porosity and coarse texture. Natural turquoise can have a significantly visible matrix and patterns like spider web. Clean and spotless Turquoise is very precious and most suitable for astrological purposes. But some buyers prefer the presence of matrix in fashioned Turquoise if its effect is attractive and balanced.
  • Cut -

    Turquoise is often cut as Cabochon in various shapes as the smoothly rounded dome shape sets off turquoise’s color, texture, and any matrix beautifully.

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